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    From anonymized data storage and model-assisted annotation to accurate AI model development and objective model validation, you can empower your applications with AI models to leverage their true potential.


End-to-end AI platform

Subsea.AI provides full-stack technologies for leveraging AI in the subsea environment, so that no matter if you need to store data or build an AI and deploy it, you can step into the stage that better fits your needs.


Store. Build. Deploy.

  • Confidential and secure data storage
  • Active learning
  • Model-assisted labeling
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • Artificial data
  • AI model development
  • Model Validation
  • Digital Twin integration
  • Real Time Deployment
  • Custom applications

Efficient and private data annotation

Data storage along with state-of-the-art annotation tools fully-tailored for the classification, detection and segmentation of subsea entities in image and video.

Confidential and secure data storage

Data is fully anonymized and redundantly stored across data centers. Access roles are fully-customizable to provide different permissions for any number of users across the world.

Active learning

Reduce the effort and time spent on the annotation by leveraging a previously trained deep learning model to smartly select only the most relevant samples to annotate. Achieve robustness and accurate models by only labeling 20% of your dataset.

Model-assisted labeling

Start your annotation process with pre-labeled data annotated by a previously trained model. Reduce the effort of annotation by just correcting and fine-tuning the model predictions.

Data Quality Assurance

Powerful AI models are highly dependent on high-quality training data. Subsea.AI supports the annotations of two or more experts to increase the reliability and consistence of annotations. Annotation protocols are fully-customizable for your own use case.

Powerful AI models for the subsea

Combine high quality data with an excellent team of AI engineers and subsea domain knowledge to build accurate and robust models.

Artificial data

Replicate your subsea fields in a simulated environment and get access to unlimited training labeled data. The simulation of virtual scenarios driven by real-world information allows us to artificially generate infinite synthetic data for any use case scenario.

AI model development

Subsea.AI develops AI models for you with the help of a team of AI engineers with many years of experience in the subsea domain. Proprietary AI technology is used to reduce the risk of AI projects and achieve the best results in a timely manner.

Model Validation

The performance of AI models is critical for building trustworthy intelligent systems. Subsea.AI provides objective and extensive evaluation frameworks, from external testing datasets to simulated testing environments. This is the only way to rigorously understand what to expect from the AI in any scenario.

AI deployment on subsea systems

Get powerful automation and efficiency while integrating AI with Offshore, Cloud and Digital Twin systems tailored for the subsea.

Digital Twin integration

Visualize the output and insights provided by your AI model on the digital twin of your subsea field. From geotags to 3D segmentation, you can choose the AI visualization layers that best suit your needs.

Real Time Deployment

Subsea.AI models can be embedded and deployed on Offshore applications to be used in real-time. From an overlay that automatically detects anomalies in real time to intelligent virtual path ways, AI models can be made efficient enough for real time operations.

Custom applications

You can leverage the built AI model on your own application to fully exploit its potential.

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